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Streamlining doesn't mean running faster. Quite the opposite.

A myriad of software systems, many manual processes and employee types that aren't necessarily digital natives are all stressful factors.
Let us create a relevant and manageable digital workday for you and your colleagues.

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We create job satisfaction

Job satisfaction depends on many things, including feeling connected to your company and colleagues and enjoying your work tasks. But job satisfaction is also highly dependent on thriving in your digital workplace. Digital wellbeing has a big impact on overall job satisfaction. We take this very seriously.

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The future is complex. We make it simple

The intranet of the future should not only strengthen organizations' internal communication and documents. It should also facilitate the sharing and preservation of in-house knowledge. It should optimize processes and minimize time waste and provide a single point of access to all other systems. In other words, it should be both the heart and cornerstone of all types of organizations' everyday life. 

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No more searching through emails, manual processes - and everything else that steals your time.

We spend about 29% of our working day on emails and about 19% of our day looking for files and information. In an HR department, there are many workflows and an incredible amount of information to keep track of. In Colibo, you are given a wide range of tools that can facilitate the many workflows and give you an easy way to work with your internal policies, employee handbook, and on-boarding.

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Colibo is the cockpit for everything that is relevant to the individual - and only that!

Ensuring relevance and clarity in our digital workspaces and tools is important for both efficiency and job satisfaction. Colibo is full of features to support that ambition. 


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We've collected some of the questions and thoughts we hear most often. Do you recognize any of them?

Everything new requires something from someone, but the advantage of Colibo is that we can unfold the platform as time and resources allow. Let's start by looking at whether we can replace efforts you already have. For example, if you already send out newsletters by email, post content on an info screen, sit in Teams groups and work on projects, etc. We can start by 1:1 replacing the workflows (which are often laboriously manual) and take that resource into Colibo. From there, we can unfold the intranet at the pace that suits your organization.

In our experience, it can be difficult to get a new intranet on the budget. Decision-makers need to see the value of spending money on something that doesn't have a directly measurable bottom line. Our contention is that a good intranet is not only a great benefit in terms of One of the biggest benefits is the efficiency gains we can create. We can save you and your colleagues hours of wasted time, simplify your workday by consolidating all systems into one and maybe even save on licenses for other software, in cases where we can replace what you already use.

Employee handbook, policies, guides, etc. Colibo can accommodate all types of reference books. You can set up a "Wikipedia" area where all topics easily have their own page and the texts are copied and pasted in so they are editable and searchable. This way, you can search for specific topics or words and be taken to the exact area where the information is located. We can even create easy shortcuts to your guides with, for example, a button on your app, front page, etc.

Yes, and it's very popular with our customers. Firstly, it puts faces to people. The phonebook is searchable, so you can search for people not only by name, but also by title or department. If you use Colibo's built-in "Competencies", where people attach professional competencies, certifications, language skills, etc. to themselves, you will also be able to search for these competencies in the phonebook. If you use Teams, you can call each other in Teams directly from the phonebook and see availability in the phonebook overview.

We can do it! With a Microsoft 365 integration, we unify your digital workspace. This means you can directly access and share files, control permissions, create content and forms, and manage calendars, calls and chats all within Colibo's intuitive user interface.

Key features:
Synchronize chat and groups between Teams and Colibo.
Ability to use forms in all posts, news or events.
Integrate Stream videos anywhere in Colibo
Search and access all SharePoint files.
View Outlook calendars from Exchange and book meetings directly in Colibo.

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