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The world's best intranet for complex organizations

Discover Colibo – the intranet that connects and engages. Our user-friendly and inclusive platform unites all employees. We make it easy for your team to collaborate and contribute to the success of the intranet, regardless of device or location. With Colibo, you easily overcome communication barriers and create a dynamic work culture.

Colibo is a stand-alone solution, but can also fully integrate with eg.


A mix of private and public customers

+200,000 employees worldwide use Colibo as their digital workplace.

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Is your everyday life hybrid? Then your intranet should be too

Do you work from home, across nationalities and borders, in the field or in the office? Colibo makes sure that information and knowledge are shared – and read, no matter who you are.

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We are proud that our customers stay with us for many years and are happy to use us. Want to see what they say about us?

We're particularly good at the hard stuff

Colibo has been developed in collaboration with our customers, and although they are very different, what they have in common is that they have many different employee types, units and are spread across several locations. 
Colibo embraces them all. The more complex you are, the more we have to offer.

All types of devices

Everyone can join, even those who normally can't

Colibo embraces the entire organization, whether you are on desktop or mobile. We also have an info screen solution for those who have neither one nor the other available during the working day.

Always up to date

Targeted content and news that actually gets read

Many have an intranet that gathers dust. The news is all too often irrelevant to the individual and the documents outdated. In Colibo, governance and communication are made easy, and you only see what is relevant to you. 

Become more efficient

No more wasting time - become more efficient with Colibo

Tired of looking for files or old emails? 
In Colibo you can easily find what you are looking for. Here you can collaborate and communicate with others without losing your history and overview.

Integrations that make your life easier

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Well-being that can be measured

Good job satisfaction requires involvement

Features that support your purpose

Colibo is made of building blocks


Our customers are very diverse, but most share a common challenge: they are complex organizations with many different needs. This suits us well, because the more complex you are, the more we have to offer. See some of them here: