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Colibo AI Search

No dumb questions. Just smart answers.

Stop wasting time looking for information. Just ask and get immediate answers.

With Search AI, everything you need is just a question away. Colibo AI learns what is most important to you. So with every question, your results become better and more precise - for you and your colleagues.


Colibo AI Search

Break down language barriers.
And boost collaboration.

With Search AI, your employees can work in the language they prefer. Search AI understands and answers in the language of their choice. This makes collaboration in complex organizations with many different nationalities much easier.

Generative text

Share your story.
At the click of a button.

Text AI makes it easier than ever to keep everyone informed - and keep your intranet alive.

Write a short description of what you want to tell and AI helps write your post. Adjust tone and length easily - and then publish your story as either a short update, an event or a longer news post.


A helpful hand.
When you need it.

Integrate your own chatbot or use ours to give your employees a simple shortcut to answers that would otherwise require time and resource from the organization.

With Colibo Chatbot, you especially simplify everyday life for employees outside the office environment who don't always have a colleague nearby to ask for advice and spar with.

AI features that empower all users

Less need of IT-support

Colibo AI makes it easier for employees to find answers to difficult questions, resulting in less need for support from the IT department.

Well-informed employees

With Colibo AI, your employees gain easy access to all information, regardless of their IT level and language skills. Everyone can stay informed.

Strengthen organizational collaboration

Use AI to streamline top-down communication via an intranet, enhancing transparency, alignment, and bridging the management-employee gap.

Easier to communicate

It becomes more user-friendly, facilitating easier contributions from anyone within the organization, regardless of their position.

"A well-structured intranet is one of the best data sources for achieving success with AI. Building upon the highest security standards, we develop user-friendly solutions that enhance productivity and make your intranet more relevant than ever before."
- Morten Sig Olesen
COO & Partner


Accessing the AI-powered search feature is simple. Just use the search bar located at the top of the intranet. Type in your query, and our AI technology will swiftly provide you with relevant and tailored results, enhancing your search experience.
Absolutely. Our AI-powered platform supports tasks like drafting documents efficiently. Through advanced natural language processing, it generates drafts, offers suggestions, and provides content recommendations, streamlining your document creation process.
Certainly! We provide workshops and personalized guidance from our dedicated customer success team to help you harness the full potential of our AI features. We'll help you to quickly and effectively integrate AI into your daily work and maximize its benefits.
Yes. Depending on the AI features you want to enhance your Colibo solution with, there might be considerations to be made. Some AI features require exchange of data outside your Colibo solution and as such require you to make sure that this exchange of data is in line with your policies, and that your Colibo Data Processing Agreement is updated accordingly. Luckily, at Colibo we are specialized in guiding and sparring with our customers on these matters and are ready to assist you. 
For assistance with AI feature-related issues or questions, please contact our support team.
At Colibo IT security is a top priority and this also reflects our approach to adding AI features to your Colibo solution. Colibo can guide you and make sure AI enhancement is always aligned with your organization's security policies. We make sure data transfer is transparent and can be contained and AI is implemented in an ethical way avoiding violation of copyrights none-appropriate content.

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