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Engaging internal communication platform

Workplace by Meta Alternative: Migrate easily to Colibo without losing functionality or compromising security

Colibo is an intuitive intranet for companies who want to build community, reduce distances in organizations and create at culture where information travels fast. Also for you with frontline employees. Our internal communication platform is our cornerstone. We’re fully committed, so rest assured, we won’t ditch the platform. 

Why choose Colibo?

  • Easy to get started
  • Intuitive intranet platform 
  • Dedicated Customer Success team
  • AI features (text, search and chat) in 2024
  • Save 25% compared to Workplace from Meta list price
  • Give every employee a voice – also frontline workers 
  • Continuous development  based on customer feedback

You're in good company - A mix of private and public customers

225.000+ employees all over the world use Colibo as their internal communication platform

Switch from Workplace to Colibo in three easy steps

Our exclusive transition plan from Workplace to Colibo eliminates the hassle of transitioning a new solution. With our seasoned team having successfully managed numerous migrations for leading global organisations, you can trust that you’re in capable hands. We’ve got your back!

Plan your migration journey

We kick things off with a deep dive into your needs and goals in a friendly talk and you get a project scope. Then we’ll work together to create a detailed project plan, setting out clear timelines, milestones, and how we’ll divide up resources. 

Let's migrate and educate easily

Let’s get your systems connected. We’ll make sure everything flows smoothly. Then, we’ll train your administrators and key users, empowering them to handle the platform with confidence. Once we’re set, we’ll breeze through testing. 

Launch within weeks not months

Get your Colibo platform up and running in weeks, not months, with 24/7 support. We’ll be here to help you get of to smooth start. After that, we’ll keep improving based on your feedback to ensure your long-term success and satisfaction.


Security & Reliability

Unlike some concerns around Meta data security, we at Colibo have a strong focus on security, ensuring your data and communication are protected. We are ISAE 3000 approved, ISO27001 certified, data is hosted within EU. Or you can host the solution on-prem . 

We have high-security customers such as the Danish Defence Ministry. You can set access restrictions within the platform, so only relevant personal has access to sensitive data. 


Future friendly with coming AI-features

Stop wasting time looking for information. Just ask and get immediate answers in your preferred language. Search AI understands and answers in the language of choice, making collaboration across nationalities much easier. 

Share your story without being a copywriter. Text AI makes it easier than ever for every employee to contribute. 


Is your workplace hybrid? Then your intranet should follow

Working from home, at different locations, across borders, in the field, or at the office? Colibo makes sure that information and knowledge is easily shared  to all employees – or those who it’s relevant for. On desktop, mobile or infoscreens. 

Off course with the highest level of data safety and security. 

Give everyone a voice

Reach everyone - also frontline workers

Your frontline workers such as drivers, production workers, teachers, sales people on the road, care takers, etc. may feel a bit distant from the headoffice . Reduce distances and create a culture where information travles fast and everyone feels included with the Colibo intranet. An internal communications platform that gives every employee a voice. 

Don't just listen to us - listen to our customers

What our customers say

We chose Colibo because it's intuitive to work with. Learning to work with the platform is easy and straightforward. For us, it was important that the intranet could both contain an information section, where employees can seek information on their employment conditions, as well as being a culture-bearing platform across our hotels.
Mai-Britt Jensen
HR-Director, Comwell Hotels
The efficiency has increased significantly since we launched our new intranet. We have obtained a comprehensive information portal that is dynamic, easily accessible, and saves each employee a significant percentage of unnecessary work.
Lillian Christensen
Head of Corporate Communications, MAKEEN Energy
We looked into a Sharepoint solution. It would have been too much work. We needed a user-friendly platform and chose Colibo as it's a plug and play solution. For us Colibo has been a game-changer. It's incredibly intuitive. For Kvadrat, Colibo has been worth every penny. And let's not forget the platform keeps evolving every step of the way.
Malene Lynnerup Jensen
Consultant, People Development, Kvadrat
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