Our name is based on the word "collaboration", which is exactly what our modern intranet solution promotes. And the same goes for our employees. We believe that the right people can make a digital solution complete. Co-work, co-creation, and co-productivity. These are the values that we, as your business partners, live by.

Meet our Executive Team

Mogens Sejer Iversen

CEO / Founder

Mobile: +45 20 86 06 66

Morten Sig Olesen

COO / Partner

Mobile: +45 61 38 89 97

Jacob Hornbæk

Head of Sales / Partner
Mobile: +45 27 15 75 87

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We are proud that our customers stay with us for many years and are happy to use us. Want to see what they say about us?

Located in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark, Colibo has more than 200,000 users spread across 28 countries. Our customers are a mix of municipalities, public organizations and private companies within different verticals and business areas.

Colibo's corporate culture is...


At Colibo, we enjoy each other's company and have many social events. There are small fun things like a trip to the movies, a run with the running club, or a Friday night beer and board games after work. Every year we enjoy great music and delicious food at our summer party at the Northside Festival. You'll also often find Colibo out and about in the country, participating in events and conferences. We also organize a number of the latter ourselves, in the form of both webinars and ERFA seminars, where our customers get updated on the latest features in the platform, get inspiration and learn about trends together with us when external experts take the stage.


How to eliminate unnecessary wasted time and bring your organization closer together

Today, how you feel in your digital tools is crucial to how effective and satisfied you feel in your working life.  

Book a demo and get inside the cockpit to see how Colibo empowers you:

  •  A user-friendly and social intranet that empowers collaboration
  •  an intranet that inspires knowledge sharing and makes it easy to contribute
  •  Ability to reach all employees across locations and devices

Want to see a modern intranet in action?

Fill out the form here and we'll get in touch with you to discuss further.

Better workplaces through inclusion and relevance

Colibo can in many cases replace several of the software programs you use now. 

The ones we can't replace, we can either integrate or create agile entry points that make it easy for employees to navigate between them - so they only need one entry point to all systems. 

Everything in Colibo is rights-managed. This applies to menus, documents, news and shortcuts to other systems. You ONLY see what is there for you. This removes noise and allows you to maintain an overview.

We are a unifying and user-friendly collaboration platform that makes relevant digital tools easily accessible to each employee. 

If you'd like, we'd love to help you with the clarification process - just send us a list of which programs you use and what you use them for, and we'll let you know immediately if we can replace, integrate or provide easy access to them. 

Let's give it a flyover, book a no-obligation demo.


Makeen Energy

"Efficiency has increased significantly since we launched our new intranet. We now have a single information portal that is dynamic, easily accessible and saves every single employee a significant percentage of unnecessary work."

Lillian Christensen
Corporate Communication Manager

Avoid system chaos

Colibo is an intranet that acts as a digital hub, providing access to all information, tools and employees.

This saves time and ensures that digital (collaborative) work is social and efficient. 

Whether you're on PC, mobile, tablets or info screens.

More knowledge sharing

With a user-friendly intranet, you get easy, clear and targeted communication channels that encourage knowledge sharing. 

This strengthens both cohesion and productivity across the organization.

Social and fun

With hybrid workplaces and employees in different locations, the digital space plays a huge role in workplace socialization. 

With a modern intranet, you get a unified platform that creates the framework for a stronger social community. 

Inclusion and relevance for all employees

When you log in to Colibo, you only see what is relevant to you. 

From widgets to files, documents and communication channels.

This makes the system easy, clear and inclusive for all types of employees.

Hybrid and complex organizations

Colibo is made for both small and large businesses, but the more hybrid and complex you are - the more value you will get with Colibo. 

We embrace all employee types, locations, and desktop and mobile devices.

Avoid financial and resource headaches

If a new intranet isn't exactly in the budget and you're struggling to find the resources to take on such a project, let's start by replacing what you're already doing. Whether it's newsletters, coordination or something else entirely.

We can definitely save you time and money.

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